Oil and Gas 4.0

For you to be pioneers in digitization

Big data, Artificial intelligence (AI) or even IoT and Blockchain. The Oil & Gas industry is on the dawn of an exciting new chapter, that of alliance with the tremendous advances and opportunities allowed by technology. SMARTEST, a digital native company, accompanies you in transforming your businesses, your processes, your skills, your organizations and your business to make it more efficient, more productive and to make it generate more value.

SMARTEST possesses the expertise you need in Oil and Gas 4.0

to guide you on the path of the future in order to release your development potential to improve your operational efficiency, boost your profitability and maximize your performance while empowering your human resources.

Together, let’s imagine the future so that you can be its pioneers!

oil and gas 4.0
oil and gas 4.0
oil and gas 4.0
oil and gas 4.0 scada smartest

Real-time decision center

Data acquired in real time is the engine for timely decision-making, oil drilling is now facing several challenges, including the reduction of non-productive time, SMARTEST has developed an expertise for the establishment of a decision-making center.

Real-time supervision of drilling operations in real time

SMARTEST offers you a standard of tools, applications and processes based on lean six-sigma for the establishment of a real-time monitoring center for drilling operations and this to accentuate the collaboration of the various stakeholders around of the same information flow transmitted per second during the well construction process

Supervision of production operations

SMARTEST offers you the establishment of a production operations supervision center through its cloud-enabledProdMan platform, where each user can create their own reporting system and activate essential automatic alarms

Real-time performance monitoring

  • KPI / OKR
  • Inventory
  • PT / NPT

Prediction insights

Enable machine learning, to assess the potential risks of new projects before they are implemented or in data science, extract information and link the associated data to form a complete and detailed picture

Connected Sites

Through the implementation of “sensorsedge”, and real-time data transmission , connect your factories, pipes and rigs

Digital Twin

Convert your physical world into a virtual world, and enable simulations that can be launched to execute analysis scenarios and minimize the risk before going into production

  • Unified data space
  • DataOPS
  • IT / OT integration

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